The future of ARIOX and Elcra

A personal journey and what's next

Hey everyone! I’m Cedric, CEO and founder of Smallman Interactive. Here at Smallman and for me personally, the past few months have been somewhat slow in terms of progress – and there’s a lot of frustration involved here. But I’m passionate about this project, and I want to share some more about my journey with ARIOX and Elcra, and what’s to come.

A little story

ARIOX started as a simple private Minecraft survival server run by a few friends trying to have some fun together. It inspired me to build something bigger, and when the server started to slow down, I got started. I started updated ARIOX with new content and custom items, mobs, all of that stuff. But eventually, conflicts started and progress slowed down. After that, development on ARIOX: Infinity started then stopped and started again. It has honestly been a rough year and a half.

Back at it with ARIOX

As you may already know, I decided to let Garnaxx_ take over as executive producer of ARIOX: Infinity. I’d like to make sure he still has the opportunity to make his own creative contributions and hone his talent with ARIOX, so that won’t be changing anytime soon – however, I’ve decided to rejoin the ARIOX executive team to try and help re-light the flame that is the ARIOX community spirit.

There was something about the original ARIOX SMP server that was special to me and the rest of the community – because it connected us and brought us all some unforgettable memories. That’s something I want to replicate with ARIOX: Infinity, and I believe one of the best ways to do that is by being personally involved – both as an original member of the ARIOX SMP community, and as a game developer looking to tell an amazing story.

Unfortunately, this change in direction might mean more delays, and I don’t feel like providing another ETA to break. Still, I can’t do this alone, and neither can Garnaxx. In fact, we probably can’t pull this off together.

That’s why I want you, yes, you – the ARIOX community member sitting behind that screen – to pitch in. Over the following months, we’ll be opening testing worlds and polls for members of the ARIOX community to decide what happens next – because you’re the ones who know ARIOX best.

What’s next for Elcra

On the topic of Elcra, we’re so excited to announce that we’re bringing it to Curseforge! However, we will need some time to clean some things up – so Elcra will likely launch on Curseforge a month or so after ARIOX. And soon, we’ll be releasing the necessary software to set up your own Elcra server – so you can enjoy it with your friends!