An update on ARIOX: Infinity

The launch of ARIOX: Infinity has been delayed

We’ve been pretty silent about ARIOX: Infinity lately, but we’ve decided to postpone the release to the final final launch date of February 15, 2023.

This leaves enough room for us to fully complete the development of ARIOX: Infinity and fill in a few content gaps. We’re extremely sorry for not meeting your expectations, and we promise to do our best to be on time this time.

A lot of this was admittedly due to time management issues on my side (hi it’s me, Cedric, the guy who sucks at time management), so I’d like to welcome as the new executive producer of ARIOX: Infinity. While I’ll still be involved for some story aspects, most art, and managing server hosting, Garnaxx_ will be taking the lead on making ARIOX the best it can be.

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