End-of-September Progress Update – ARIOX: Infinity

The latest and greatest on ARIOX: Infinity's development.

September was a busy month for ARIOX: Infinity’s development. We’ve been working tirelessly to polish and remake almost our entire codebase to make ARIOX: Infinity the best it can be; and in this Smallman DEV.LOG post, we’ll be sharing quite a few updates, teasers, and stories on that process.

Uniting a universe: Connecting the dots between lore lines

ARIOX: Infinity’s story has been revised countless times, and we’re proud to announce that we’re integrating not only the lore of past ARIOX servers but also CivSMP and Elcra – names that might be familiar for insiders at ARIOX.

We won’t reveal much more on story in this post, but we’ll be publishing additional lore trailers as ARIOX: Infinity approaches release.

Sculpting structures: Teamwork makes the dream work

We’re officially welcoming Garnaxx_ to ARIOX’s world design team to build structures and regions of ARIOX: Infinity. This is the first time ARIOX: Infinity’s development hasn’t been a solo undertaking from me referring to myself as “we” to try and look more professional.

I’ve personally played on quite a few Minecraft servers with Garnaxx_, and I’ve always been impressed by his design and building skills.

Garnaxx_’s skill and efficiency will help accelerate the creation of jaw-dropping landscapes, buildings, and more to breathe life into the ARIOX universe.

Some of Garnaxx_’s work

Upgrades, people, upgrades: Fixing up our technology

ARIOX: Infinity’s servers have received a massive upgrade in preparation for launch and to make pushing one line of code not crash the entire multiplayer system.

We’ve fully migrated ARIOX (and this blog) to Cirrus – our global network of top-tier server hardware powered by multiple cloud infrastructure providers including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, growing our amount of exit nodes to stretch across even more parts of the world. In other words, say goodbye to connection lag and crashes.

Our old networking stack vs. Smallman Cirrus