Security breach report (29.09.2022) – RESOLVED

(RESOLVED) We've become victim to an IT security breach, but no user data was leaked.

This incident has been resolved. Remember, if you notice anything fishy on our websites or social media profiles, send an email to [email protected] to help keep Smallman and your fellow players safe online.

On the 29th of September 2022, an employee device was compromised affecting both their personal and company resources. We take security seriously and are currently investigating potential causes and effects of the breach.

We are unaware of whether or not user data has been leaked (most likely not), but just in case, we highly recommend that you update your passwords and get a trustworthy antivirus application. This employee device had access to resources such as official social media accounts and full administrator access to server systems. Update: No user data was leaked. Administrator credentials that may have been at risk were changed.

In order to protect our and your private information, the affected device and any other devices/servers connected to it are being scanned via both automatic and manual processes. We’ve also disconnected certain servers from our networks entirely to prevent severe data leakage.

Updates will be posted on this page as information rolls in, so stay tuned. To submit a formal complaint or request updates via email, send an email to [email protected].