Dropping cracked Minecraft client support

We're gradually phasing out cracked client support on ARIOX and other Smallman servers.

The re-launched version of ARIOX SMP1 will be the last Smallman gameserver to support cracked Minecraft clients. Learn more in this blogpost.

Why are we doing this?

Cracked Minecraft servers have always been in a legal grey area, and cracking Minecraft in itself is a form of piracy. We’d like to stay away from these practices to both ensure legal stability and to allow for better security that just can’t be achieved on servers that allow cracked clients.

What security issues do cracked clients cause?

One huge security issue is impersonation. Even with server-based password logins, usernames are first come, first serve; regardless of whether or not someone may own the username legitimately. A huge issue with this is when someone uses a username that is legitimately registered by a well-known YouTuber, and spreads false information under their name.

Will this eventually affect the ARIOX SMP1 relaunch server?

At the moment, there are no plans to drop cracked client support within the next few months on the ARIOX SMP1 relaunch server. However, this does not guarantee that cracked client support will stay available on ARIOX SMP1 indefinitely.

What is this in preparation for?

We’re working on some huge new things for ARIOX, and we wanted to get this issue sorted out before continuing.


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